5 K-Music Shows Worth Watching

If you’re a Korean Enthusiast just like me, you must’ve watched alot of subbed Kshows on internet. Sometimes, you will find it hard to choose, what will you watch, since there are so many good shows out there. But don’t worry, I’ll help to recommend you some shows that are worth watching. First thing first, I will divide khows into some categories, like music show, sport show, etc.

And in this post, it will be about K-Music Shows, here are my recommendation :

1. Fantastic Duo
Fantastic Duo is a show where fans compete to be choosen as duet partner of guest singers through everySing application, and compete to be a “Fantastic Duo” in the show. Everyweek 3 singers will be guest, they’ll choose three best applicants to sing in the stage with them, after that each of the guest will choose the winner from the three best applicants, and sing duet with them. So, everyweek there’ll be 3 duet-performances that compete to be the best Fantastic Duo. The winner will sit in FanDu throne, and compete again in next week episode with 3 other guest. The winner can maximumly win 5 times. If a duet have won 5 times, they’ll be dethrone, and new competition begins. The only guest that have ever win 5 time so far is Lee Sun Hee.

There are many memorable duet performance that I love to watch. Here are some of my faves clips :


2. King of Mask Singer
King of Mask Singer is a singing competition where the participant’s wearing Mask while they sing. Every week,8 participants will compete in three rounds, the winner of the final round will be throned as King. The last week Mask King will compete again next week with third round winner and defend their throne. So far, Guckkasten’s vocalist Han Hyun Woo is the only King that ever win for 9 times.

King of Mask Singer get much interest because of its unexpected participants. Not only singers, even Actors, News-anchor and Comedians join this show. And it’s interesting to find non singer contestants singing so well.


3. Immortal Song 2 : Singing The Legend
Immortal Song is a singing competition between present singers, where they sing legendary songs from legendary singer. Every week, 1 legend is invited, and 7 present singers are singing to the legends song.

On their early episodes, the singers consist of idols member, I remember the first line up are Sistar’s Hyorin, 2AM’s Changmin, Beast’s Yoseop, IU, even Super Junior’s member like Kyuhyun and Yesung also part of the line up singers.

And as the show keep going, the line up keep changing. At first, this show is like a stage for idol-group’s main singers to exhibit their capability as real singer. But then this show becoming a place to rediscover new talents. I remember how Moon Myung Jin being rediscovered through this show, he even sing for Drama’s OST and titled as Korea “R&B Textbook”. Many other singers being well known after winning Immortal Songs, like ALi, Hwang Chi Yul, Song Seun Yong, Kim Feel, etc.


4. I Can See Your Voice

I Can See Your Voice is a reality show where every week a professional singer invited to the show to choose ‘real singer’ and ‘not singer’ from a group of contestant.  If someone who can’t sing well gets chosen, they will earn a prize of 5,000,000 Won; if the one who can sing gets chosen, they will be able to sing a duet with the singer and release it as a digital single.

It has a same goal with King of Mask Singer in away (IMO), since it will give a chance for the ‘singer’ contestant to show of their singing ability. And it’s fun to watch the guest star guess the contestant by their look only, many of them make a wrong choose.


5. Girl Spirit

Girl Spirit is a singing competition for not-so-well-known girl group’s main vocal. It consist of 12 main vocalist from 12 not-so-well-known girl group. They compete with different mission every week, and judged by 100 listeners. Every performance’s point will be calculated, and the 4 contestants with highest score will move to final round. The first winner will win a sport car, and the second winner will win a family trip to Saipan.

This show is lead by Sung Kyu (Infinite) and Cho Sae Ho, and just like their opening sentence, Girl Spirit is an amazing chance for idol singer to shine on stage, the idol singers will finally be recognize by their names. Watch the 12 singers performance, you’ll be agreed that they need more recognition.


Well, that was my 5 recommendation. Hope it will help you choose what you want to watch. Or maybe you have another show that I havent mention? Mention below.


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