Road by g.o.d

Based on Youtube, it has been 9 months since KBS posted Immortal Song Singing the Legend 2 : g.o.d's Special. But, I still cant get that episode out of my mind. I love all the covers did by the junior singers to g.o.d's songs. But I personally like Road, that was sung by Kim Feel. … Continue reading Road by g.o.d


No Make-Up by Zion.T

Yesterday, I watched Fantastic Duo's 27th episode and Zion.T was one of the guest. The guest line up for the latest episode of FanDu was really good. Jo In Kwon (Deulgeukhwa's vocalist) was on the throne, and being challenged by Lee Moon Sae (King of Ballad), Zion. T and Ock Joo Hyun (Fin.KL's main vocalist). … Continue reading No Make-Up by Zion.T